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Infinity Kappa 42.9i 4

Infinity Kappa 42.9i 4" Kappa Series 2-way Speakers (KAPPA42.9I)

Sale Price : $23.77


Product Description
Infinity built the latest Kappa speakers with improved technology and high-end materials to provide you with outstanding sound reproduction. The low-impedance design makes these speakers very efficient, so you'll get great results powering them with a factory or aftermarket stereo.
The Kappa 42.9i 4" speakers feature light, but stiff woven glass-fiber woofer cones that won't flex or distort. The Plus One design offers a larger surface area for improved low-frequency output and efficiency, while longer voice coils produce tighter, snappier midbass. Large magnets keep the woofers running cooler by placing more steel close to the voice coils to act as a heat sink.
Infinity uses the same Metal Matrix Diaphragm tweeter found in many of their popular home speakers, so you'll hear the music the way it was recorded with minimal coloration or distortion.
The computer-optimized outboard crossover networks employ audiophile-grade components to separate highs and lows, so that the woofer and tweeter work together perfectly. Pre-wired crossovers eliminate a time-consuming step in your installation, and terminals at the end of the crossover wires screw directly to the speakers, leaving no chance for incorrect wiring.
These Infinity Kappa speakers use a low impedance design to pull more power safely from your car stereo or amplifier. This design is compatible with virtually all factory and aftermarket stereos.
4" Kappa Series 2-way Speakers
Peak: 300 watts per pair / 150 watts each
RMS: 100 watts per pair / 50 watts each
Woven glass fiber cone woofer
Tweeter level adjustment on tweeter by simply rotating the tweeter to add or subtract 3 dB output