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Pair 7

Pair 7" LCD DVD Headrest Monitors Car TWO 2 BEIGE SONY

By Sony
Sale Price : $93.95


Product Description
Fits all cars with adjustable poles 4.3" to 8.6".
Plays all DVDs wordwide.
Built in zipper cover.
You have the choice of watching the same DVD on both headrests or different DVDs on each headrest
A/B Wireless Headphone to switch audio channels.
Download unlimited 32 bit games from the web.
Over 2300 8bit games and 200 32 bit games come with this kit. We have more 8 bit games than any other kit.
Pair of 7" LCD DVD Headrest (BEIGE) - Sony Lens - 2 region free DVD players with Sony brand laser readers for amazing picture quality
DVD and 8 bit/32bit Game System Combo! Comes with over 2500+ Games and unlimited download from the net!
Our kits come with 4 wired controllers and 2 wireless controllers. Built in speakers to listen to audio w/out headphones.
SD/MS/MMC 3-in-1 Card Reader. USB Port. IR infrared transmitter function. Support two channels wireless infrared earphone.
Steel posts adjustable distance 105mm-230mm. A/V inputs & outputs. Support several DIVX formats, compatible with DVD/CD/CDG/MP4/MP3/WMA/JPEG.