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Final Fantasy Anthology

Final Fantasy Anthology

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Product Description
Final Fantasy Anthology incorporates two of the most beloved FINAL FANTASY titles ever published. First released as FINAL FANTASY III in the U.S., FINAL FANTASY VI brings back all of the qualities that made it the best selling RPG of its time, and adds a few bonuses unique to this re-release. The second title in this compilation, FINAL FANTASY V, is seeing its first ever release in the U.S. Featuring an innovative 'Job' system and a story that will take the player to different worlds, this title will finally show U.S. gamers what they have been missing. If you are new to the FINAL FANTASY universe, pick up Anthology as way of getting to know the series that has garnered the praise of millions. If you are already a fan, pick it up to relive the magic once again.
Includes both Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI
Original 2-D graphics and 16-bit sounds
For 1 player

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