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GHD IV styler hot pink 1

GHD IV styler hot pink 1"

By Ghd
Sale Price : $83.84


Product Description
Endorsed by the world's top session stylists and hottest celebrities, the revolutionary, professional GHD original ceramic styling iron is everybody's number one must-have beauty accessory. The unique ceramic technology heats this iron up to its maximum temperature in seconds; locks in moisture, natural oils, and hair color for total hair protection; and creates the straightest, sleekest locks as well as fantastic curls, twists, and flicks. -Designed to curl, as well as straighten the hair. -Ceramic-coated plates help seal the cuticle and create shine while locking in hair's natural moisture and preventing atmospheric moisture from re-penetrating hair. -The iron emits a large proportion of infrared heat and produces negative ions, both of which are less damaging to the hair, reducing static and creating shine. -Standard irons use PTC or copper-wound elements, which are less efficient at emitting infrared heat and negative ions and can dry out the hair. -A 9-foot swivel cord prevents tangling and damage. -Floating blades provide flexibility and smoothness when styling. -Built-in integrated circuits regulate the temperature 5 times per second (indicated by a flashing LED) to ensure the temperature remains constant throughout the styling process. -A built-in microprocessor embedded in one of the blades monitors and regulates the blade temperature 5 times per second. -If the temperature exceeds 374F, the thermal fuse will blow, resulting in the iron switching off. -The thermal fuse is a safety feature to prevent the iron from overheating. -Dual Voltage (1")