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Jazz City

Jazz City

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Product Description
Enjoy a slick ride with the fully equipped Jazz City. Inspired by the classic 1950s and 1960s jazz albums of artists like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and others, Jazz City features 14 huge construction kits of traditional Jazz loops. Also included is a substantial amount of extras and alternate loops, bringing the total content to nearly 3 GB in just the WAV format! An array of different ensembles are included, ranging from intimate-sounding jazz trios to quartets, quintets, and smokin' sextets. The trumpets are soaring, the saxophones are sultry, the basses are thunderous and the piano is powerful. With a wide variety of key signatures and tempos ranging from 55 to 205 BPM, Jazz City will keep your feet movin' and your productions groovin'.
Formatted for Apple Loops/REX/WAV/RMX/Acid
14 Construction Kits (1.6 GB of WAV files)
1.4 GB of extra and alternative WAV file loops
Tempos ranging from 55 to 205 BPM

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