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Rane MP2016A Rotary Knob DJ Mixer

Rane MP2016A Rotary Knob DJ Mixer

By Rane
Sale Price : $419.85


Product Description
The MP2016a is a rotary-controlled mixer featuring six Input Channels, Booth and House Outputs, Pre-Effects Tape Outputs, Post-Effects Tape Outputs with Level control, switchable Effects Loop, and Headphone Cueing. Input Channels 1 through 4 feature high quality RIAA phono preamplifiers which may be switched to line input via rear panel switches. Input Channels 5 and 6 each provide a balanced mic preamp with Input Gain trim, Mic/Line switch, two-band EQ, Mic Engage switch and an internal Booth Ducking enable jumper. In addition to the six dedicated preamplifiers, all six Input channels may select any of the five stereo Auxiliary Inputs. Each Input Channel provides a 6-position source selector, Input Gain control for matching levels, Signal/Overload indicators and a studio-grade Master Mix control. The Booth Output may select Master or Cue as its source. An ultra-low noise, high power headphone amplifier also allows monitoring the Master Mix or Cue Mix. The MP2016a improves on the original MP2016 by adding Split Cue. Individual Cue switches on each channel drive a panning Master / Cue control for the Headphone output. The Master Mix circuit provides Signal/Overload indicators, Mono switch and high-pass/rumble filters. In addition, the Master Output features patent-pending high performance 3-band, full-cut, Accelerated-Slope tone controls. The MP2016a provides exceptional ergonomics, good feel and a clean, intuitive layout packaged in a compact 19 inch, 3U rac...
Split Cueing
Six stereo Input channels
Four dedicated stereo Phono / Line preamps
Two dedicated Mic / Line preamps with - Gain trims, 2-band Tone controls, Engage switches, Booth ducking
Five stereo Auxiliary Inputs

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