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RCF L15P540 15

RCF L15P540 15" Woofer

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Product Description
High power 15" woofer. Very good power handling, excellent linearity, and very low distortion. Heat sinking is integrated into the cast basket, which in conjunction with the sealed dual spider ensures efficient heat dissipation. The driver's excellent linear response, well controlled down to 40 Hz, makes the L15P540 especially suitable for horn-loaded applications, band-pass enclosures, and small size bass reflex systems. It is a very good solution for two or three way systems when a very high BL and maximum punch is required. Popular replacement driver for many EAW speaker systems. Specifications: *Power handling: 500 watts RMS/1,000 watts continuous program *VCdia: 3" *Le: 1.5 mH *Impedance: 8 ohms *Re: 5.6 ohms *Frequency response: 40-2,000 Hz *Fs: 50 Hz *SPL: 98 dB 1W/1m *Vas: 3.53 cu. ft. *Qms: 9.7 *Qes: 0.41 *Qts: 0.39 *Xmax: 6.5 mm *Dimensions: A: 15.2" B: 13.9" C: 6.4".
High BL low frequency driver with deep, punchy bass
3" diameter inside/outside copper voice coil on fiberglass former
1,000 watt continuous program power handling
Good sensitivity, low distortion
Double spider with silicon-based dampening control