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RCF L18P300-ND 18

RCF L18P300-ND 18" Neodymium Woofer

Sale Price : $140.75


Product Description
The L18P300-ND is an evolution of RCF's legendary L18P300 but with a high flux density neodymium magnetic design. It is manufactured with a newly designed aluminum basket that provides excellent voice coil ventilation, thereby increasing power handling and reducing compression. A specially designed M-roll suspension, combined with a double silicon spider, ensures linear piston control and undistorted low frequency reproduction at very high power. The L18P300-ND is perfectly compatible with the ferrite version for size and performance, but with half the weight. Specifications: *Power handling: 1,000 watts RMS/2,000 watts continuous program *VCdia: 4" *Le: 1.9 mH *Impedance: 8 ohms *Re: 5.0 ohms *Frequency response: 35-1,000 Hz *Fs: 33 Hz *SPL: 97 dB 1W/1m *Vas: 8.12 cu. ft. *Qms: 8.3 *Qes: 0.33 *Qts: 0.32 *Xmax: 7.8 mm *Dimensions: A: 18.1" B: 16.3" C: 8.1".
High BL low frequency neodymium driver with deep, punchy bass
4" diameter inside/outside copper voice coil on fiberglass former
2,000 watt continuous program power handling
Forced air ventilation and 15 mm top plate for minimum power compression
Dual spider design with silicon-based dampening control