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RCF MB12N351 12

RCF MB12N351 12" Neodymium Midbass Speaker

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Product Description
The RCF MB12N351 delivers excellent frequency response linearity with low distortion. A very strong neodymium magnetic structure guarantees great dynamics and precision reproduction, while a new and unique 3.5" voice coil design provides high power handling, especially in comparison to a more common 3" voice coil. The unique dual forced air venting system promotes efficient voice coil ventilation to minimize power compression and maximize power handling. The MB12N351 is ideal for use in applications that require very high efficiency and linearity. It is especially recommended for concert-level multi-way systems. Specifications: *Power handling: 650 watts RMS/1,300 watts continuous program *VCdia: 3.5" *Le: 1.65 mH *Impedance: 8 ohms *Re: 5.6 ohms *Frequency response: 45-3,000 Hz *Fs: 55 Hz *SPL: 99 dB 1W/1m *Vas: 2.15 cu. ft. *Qms: 4.5 *Qes: 0.21 *Qts: 0.20 *Xmax: 5.5 mm *Dimensions: A: 12.6" B: 11.1" C: 5.4".
Very efficient low-distortion midbass driver
Strong, lightweight neodymium magnetic structure
3.5" diameter inside/outside copper voice coil on fiberglass former
1,300 watt continuous program power handling
Single spider design with silicon based damping control