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Selenium 15SWS1100 15

Selenium 15SWS1100 15" 1100W Subwoofer

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Product Description
Selenium's new SWS1100 series has just broken the 1,000 watt RMS power handling barrier. Capable of handling up to 2,200 watts of continuous music power, these new subs are perfect for those who want premium performance; whether building a custom box, or upgrading an existing enclosure, the SWS1100 series is the choice! Specifications: *Power handling: 1,100 watts RMS/2,200 watts max *VCdia: 4" *Le: 2.22 mH *Nominal impedance: 8 ohms *Re: 5.6 ohms *Frequency response: 35-3,000 Hz *Magnet weight: 120 oz. *Fs: 37 Hz *SPL: 95 dB 1W/1m *Vas: 4.94 cu. ft. *Qms: 13.2 *Qes: 0.42 *Qts: 0.41 *Xmax: 9.3 mm *Dimensions: Overall diameter 15.31", Cutout diameter 13.74", Depth 7.68".
Bumped backplate and extended pole piece for maximum excursion
Multi-cooling system directly cools the gap and the air trapped between the two spiders
4" diameter flat wire voice coil, wound on a fiberglass-composite former
Non-pressed long fiber pulp cone for linear response and strength
Two counter-balancing, distortion canceling, polyester-cotton-fiber spiders