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Selenium D220Ti-16 1

Selenium D220Ti-16 1" Titanium Horn Driver 16 Ohm 1-3/8"-18

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Product Description
Selenium's D220Ti-16 is a high quality compression driver offering excellent efficiency and low distortion. It is recommended for use in studio monitors, stage boxes, and sound reinforcement in small to medium rooms. The D220Ti-16's diaphragm is formed from pure, rigid, light, and extremely thin titanium (0.025 mm). To avoid stress and distortion, the suspension has specially designed reinforcement. An injected-molded phase plug is optimized to eliminate undesirable phase cancellations. The ceramic magnetic assembly effectively concentrates flux in the gap, and highest motor strength efficiency is achieved through the use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis). A voice coil manufactured in CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminum Wire) and wound on a polyimide former assures great stability and thermal resistance, and the moving assembly has a perfect auto-centering characteristic that makes replacement easy if required. Standard 1-3/8"-18 TPI screw-on mounting. Specifications: *Power handling: 80 watts RMS/160 watts program (with recommended 2,000 Hz, 12 dB/octave crossover) *Voice coil diameter: 1.7" *Throat diameter: 1" *Impedance: 16 ohms *Frequency response: 1,000-21,000 Hz (no crossover) *SPL: 109 dB 2.83V/1m *Magnet weight: 24 oz. *Dimensions: Diameter: 4.53", Depth: 2", 2.75" including threaded "nose".
Titanium diaphragm for durability and extended HF response
Optimized phase plug eliminate phase cancellation problems
High-temperature voice coil materials ensure reliability
Smooth, extended frequency response
Easy diaphragm replacement