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Stanton 680 HP Phono Cartridge

Stanton 680 HP Phono Cartridge

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Product Description
The legendary 680.V3 cartridge is regarded as one of the best cartridges on the planet for mixing, club use, and scratching. The wide-band frequency response will give you high-energy record playback and that extra punch you need to quake the dance floor whether playing dance or hip-hop. The 680.V3's suspension is designed to be very stable for those less then perfect club setups. The suspension is so robust that the 680.V3 functions just as good as a scratch needle as it does as a club needle. Specifications: *Stylus tip: Spherical 0.7 mil super high polish diamond *Frequency response: 20 Hz-18 kHz *Channel separation: 30 dB *Recommended tracking force: 2 to 5 g *Output @ 1 kHz: 4.2 mV.
Single high-quality phono cartridge for DJ mixing, battling, and scratching
Spherical super-high-polish 0.7 mm stylus tip minimizes vinyl burn
20 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response; tracking force of 2 to 5 grams
Ultra-sturdy suspension designed for stability in raucous club setups
Weighs 6.3 grams and fits any standard 1/2-inch turntable tonearm
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